Types of grafting/Graft (surgery)

Types of grafting/Graft (surgery)
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  • Skin grafting is often used to treat pores and skin loss because of a wound, burn, infection, or surgical operation. In the case of broken skin, it’s miles eliminated, and new pores and skin is grafted in its region. Skin grafting can reduce the route of remedy and hospitalization wished, and can also enhance feature and look. 

There are two forms of skin grafts:

  1. Split-thickness pores and skin grafts [epidermis + part of the dermis]
  2. Full-thickness pores and skin grafts [epidermis + entire thickness of the dermis]
  • Bone grafting is used in dental implants, in addition to different instances. The bone may be autologous, generally harvested from the iliac crest of the pelvis, or banked bone/Allograft.
  • Vascular grafting is the use of transplanted or prosthetic blood vessels in surgical approaches.
  • Ligament grafting repair, as with anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction or ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction.
  • Fat graft is the method of harvesting adipose tissue through liposuction, processing/centrifugation and injection into gentle tissue for improving coverage, quantity and contour, commonly inside the breast, buttock and face.

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