Rehabilitation engineering

Rehabilitation engineering
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  • Rehabilitation engineering is the systematic utility of engineering sciences to layout, expand, adapt, check, compare, follow, and distribute technological solutions to troubles confronted with the aid of people with disabilities. Functional areas addressed through rehabilitation engineering may also consist of mobility, communications, hearing, vision, and cognition, and sports associated with employment, independent residing, schooling, and integration into the community.
  • While a few rehabilitation engineers have master’s stages in rehabilitation engineering, typically a subspecialty of Biomedical engineering, maximum rehabilitation engineers have an undergraduate or graduate levels in biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, or electrical engineering. A Portuguese college offers an undergraduate diploma and a master’s degree in Rehabilitation Engineering and Accessibility. Qualification to emerge as a Rehab’ Engineer within the UK is feasible thru a University BSc Honors Degree direction consisting of Health Design & Technology Institute, Coventry University.
  • The rehabilitation method for humans with disabilities regularly includes the design of assistive gadgets which include Walking aids meant to promote the inclusion in their users into the mainstream of society, trade, and recreation.

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