Interesterification of Fat

Interesterification of Fat
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  • Some research have investigated the fitness outcomes of insteresterified (IE) fats, via evaluating diets with IE and non-IE fats with the same average fatty acid composition.
  • Several experimental studies in humans located no statistical difference on fasting blood lipids among a with massive quantities of IE fat, having 25-40% C16:0 or C18:0 on the two-role, and a comparable weight loss program with non-IE fats, having only 3-9% C16:0 or C18:0 on the 2-role. A negative end result was received additionally in a take a look at that in comparison the effects on blood cholesterol levels of an IE fats product mimicking cocoa butter and the real non-IE product.
  • A 2007 take a look at funded by the Malaysian Palm Oil Board claimed that replacing herbal palm oil with the aid of other interesterified or partial hydrogenated fats brought about damaging health effects, consisting of better LDL/HDL ratio and plasma glucose ranges. However, those effects will be attributed to the higher percent of saturated acids inside the IE and partly hydrogenated fats, instead of to the IE method itself.

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