Hormone replacement therapy during Menopause

Hormone replacement therapy during Menopause
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  • In the context of the menopause, hormone replacement remedy (HRT) is using estrogen in ladies without a uterus and estrogen plus progestin in ladies who have an intact uterus.
  • HRT can be affordable for the treatment of menopausal signs, including warm flashes. It is the most effective treatment option, particularly while introduced as a pores and skin patch. Its use, however, appears to boom the danger of strokes and blood clots. When used for menopausal signs and symptoms a few endorse it’s used for the shortest time viable and at the bottom dose viable. Evidence to assist long-term use, but, is poor.
  • It additionally seems effective for preventing bone loss and osteoporotic fracture, but it’s far commonly recommended simplest for ladies at sizeable danger for whom other remedies are incorrect.
  • HRT can be flawed for a few women, inclusive of those at multiplied danger of cardiovascular disorder, extended risk of thromboembolic sickness (inclusive of people with obesity or a records of venous thrombosis) or increased risk of some types of cancer. There is some problem that this remedy will increase the risk of breast cancer.
  • Adding testosterone to hormone therapy has a high quality impact on sexual feature in postmenopausal girls, although it could be accompanied by using hair growth, acne and a reduction in excessive-density lipoprotein (HDL) ldl cholesterol. These side outcomes diverge relying on the doses and methods of using testosterone.

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