Eggs as Omega-3 fatty acid

Eggs as Omega-3 fatty acid
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  • Eggs produced with the aid of hens fed a weight-reduction plan of vegetables and bugs include better tiers of omega−3 fatty acids than the ones produced by way of chickens fed corn or soybeans. In addition to feeding chickens insects and greens, fish oils can be delivered to their diets to increase the omega−3 fatty acid concentrations in eggs.
  • The addition of flax and canola seeds to the diets of laying, each suitable assets of alpha-linolenic acid, will increase the omega−3 content material of the eggs, predominantly DHA. However, this enrichment may want to cause an increment of lipid oxidation within the eggs if the seeds are used in better doses, with out the usage of the precise antioxidant.
  • The addition of green algae or seaweed to the diets boosts the content of DHA and EPA, which might be the varieties of omega−three permitted with the aid of the FDA for clinical claims. A common consumer complaint is “Omega−3 eggs can on occasion have a fishy taste if the hens are fed marine oils”.

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