Devices for providing automatic Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Devices for providing automatic Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
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  • Mechanical CPR has not seen as a whole lot use as mechanical ventilation; but, use within the prehospital setting is increasing. Devices in the marketplace consist of the LUCAS tool, evolved at the University Hospital of Lund, and AutoPulse. Both use straps around the chest to comfortable the affected person. The first technology of the LUCAS makes use of a gas-pushed piston and motor-pushed constricting band, whilst later version are battery operated.
  • There are several blessings to automatic devices: they permit rescuers to cognizance on appearing different interventions; they do no longer fatigue and begin to carry out less effective compressions, as human beings do; they may be able to perform powerful compressions in restrained-area environments which includes air ambulances, where manual compressions are tough, and that they permit ambulance people to be strapped in effectively as opposed to standing over a patient in a speeding vehicle. However the disadvantages are fee to purchase, time to teach emergency personnel to use them, interruption to CPR to enforce, capacity for incorrect application and the need for a couple of tool sizes.
  • Several studies have shown very little improvement in survival fees however well known the need for more look at.

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