Daniel Kish (Notable cases of human echolocation)

Notable cases of human echolocation
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  • Echolocation has been in addition advanced via Daniel Kish, who works with the blind through the non-profit organization World Access for the Blind. He leads blind teens hiking and mountain-biking via the desert, and teaches them how to navigate new places safely, with a way that he calls “FlashSonar”. Kish had his eyes eliminated on the age of 13 months due to retinal most cancers. He discovered to make palatal clicks along with his tongue while he was nonetheless a toddler—and now trains other blind human beings in the use of echolocation and in what he calls “Perceptual Mobility”. Though before everything resistant to the use of a cane for mobility, seeing it as a “handicapped” device, and considering himself “now not handicapped in any respect”, Kish evolved a method the use of his white cane combined with echolocation to further increase his mobility.
  • Kish reports that “The sense of imagery may be very rich for an skilled consumer. One can get a experience of beauty or starkness or whatever—from sound as well as echo.” He is in a position to distinguish a metal fence from a wood one by way of the data back with the aid of the echoes at the association of the fence structures; in extremely quiet situations, he can also pay attention the warmer and duller excellent of the echoes from wooden compared to metallic.

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